Fan Characters I made up. You can add one to any of the categories, but sign a recognizable part of your name after it, and no Wikia Contributors please. (You can suggest names for the un-named characters)


(Un-Named Female) Mokele Mbembe: A younger version of the famous African cryptid, more found during calming activities than exciting adventures.     (AGP's character)
IMG 1010


(Un-Named Male) Chupacabra: Again, younger version of the cryptid, but sometimes prefers a straw than sucking out the raw blood.              (AGP's character)                                                             
IMG 1025

(Un-Named Male) Chimera: A miniature version of the fearsome beast, all three of his heads have different yet similar personalities. Lion head breathes fire and roars, Goat head rams with horns, and Snake/Dragon head bites with venom, and breathes a flammable gas the Lion Head ingnites. (AGP's Character)
IMG 1011