Hey there! It's your friendly neighborhood Rigbybestie! :D

Anyway, on this, I'm introducing a new series I'm making based on my and my friend's adventures in TF2..., well, not EXACTLY... ...more like they're told from MY point of view... my own stories...

But, I will document some of our battles! :D

Other times, they'll just be short stories and such.


I'll be in the series as a wimpy, weak Me-- I mean, strong and brave Medic! :D

Hehe, like I'm ever scared to go out and battle! Pfft, that's silly. You're silly!

I'll make a character traits page one of these days...

  • skeleton before I even get to start*

(Oh! To my friends who play TF2, this is really important!

I need you to list what you want to be, personality traits, etc, etc, blah blah blah of your class, plz. :P, only if you want to, ya know...

...I just need to know about you guys!)

Anyway, uh... wow, I dunno what to say from here! This series is happening! :D

The comic, not until I get my tablet. But, the stories will start soon! :D I have a few ready already, but they're mostly about me.

Eh. They won't be that good. But, it's a start.

Thankies for reading this!